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   120 Years of Brewing Fine Tea   

In 2014, Lindsey Rumancik founded Sweet September Lane after getting hit with a case of the "I can do that" bug after seeing wood signs popping up all over town and in retailers. She opened an Etsy shop and  spent several years perfecting her technique and ensuring the quality of the wood and materials were the best she could find.

In 2016, she was able to put her energy full time into her custom work and inventory at several locations. After seeing a need for a new version of girl's night out, she started teaching workshops and encouraged participants to be creative while creating a perfect piece of decor.

All products are handmade and great care is put into each item and workshop. From sourcing the wood from a mill in Pennsylvania, to delicately applying paint and finishing each piece to last a lifetime, you can be sure that your item is handmade with a whole lot of love.

Lindsey lives in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two young sons. When she isn't hanging out in her garage, she can be found spending time with family and friends, exploring the area and telling bad jokes that nobody laughs at. 

Workshop Instructors


Ashley Fisher

Ashley has been hooked on workshops since 2017 and became an instructor to assist you in creating beautiful pieces. She has two boys, enjoys Mexican food, Target and hanging with her husband!


Amanda Carter

Amanda loves creating, coffee and the color purple! Her two boys and love of adventure and the outdoors keep her busy while she rocks her job as a dispatcher. 

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